Missing Pieces

I just finished putting on some Bushwacker accessories for my FJ cruiser. For those that don’t know, these accessories help protect your vehicle when driving through debris (the sagebrush doesn’t scratch off the vehicle paint).  I thought long and hard … Continued

Chelan on Fire

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Chelan, WA is on fire…   My heart and prayers go out to those who have homes and property in Chelan.  We have many friends who are watching and waiting for news regarding their homes.   I grew up in … Continued

Why does God allow disaster?

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The headlines are full of disasters recently. In Nepal, the earthquakes have devastated communities. In Texas, the rains that were desperately needed have now flooded their communities. Lives and treasures have been lost. Where is God? Why does He allow … Continued

Protesting Grace

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I am sitting here before the morning events unfold thinking about Grace. Today we will have Mark Driscoll speak for us. I have done my homework. He is a controversial speaker but after talking with his accountability board they said: … Continued

Happy Birthday?

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Did I have a happy birthday? The more birthdays I have the more I am tempted to have an unhappy birthday. It gets easier to think negative the older I get. I could easily look around me and think about … Continued

New Book from Pastor Dan Kellogg!

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Ever since I was little, I was told to watch out for bears. It is spring now and bears are out prowling for food. Immature bears are the most dangerous—they have no boundaries. They wander into another bear’s territory and … Continued