Never one to shy away from adventure, Dan Kellogg chose to dive head first into another one: he approached a redhead dining with another man in the college cafeteria. That decision soon set the course for an adventurous journey in all areas of his life: courtship, marriage, ministry and parenthood. In the book An Adventurous Journey: A Family Following God, Kellogg and his wife Audrey each share their memories of that initial encounter in the cafeteria as well as the joys and hardships they would end up facing in ministry, building a life together and raising kids. As Kellogg parallels the story of Abraham and Sarah following God in the Bible, you’ll discover how adventure is something God intends for all of us — all we need to do is say “yes” to it.

Based on one Kellogg used with his own children, the book also includes a coming-of-age test that parents can reference for their pre-teens. In-depth discussion questions, ideal for group studies, are also included at the end of the book.