I Don’t Like Journaling

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I need Journaling!11144976_10206162813338940_2371623047648377256_n

I need, from time to time, to record the highs and lows of my life.  When I feel the most like a failure, I write it down.  When I mess up or my world is messed up I write it down.  Why? Because I tend to forget how bad things were and the terrible moments I had.  The intensity of the depression and my emotions at the time need to be recorded or they will be forgotten. If I don’t record the bad times I won’t be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of the good times.  I also need to write down my highs.  My celebration points, my unbelievable victories. There are days that it could not have gone better.  God came through in the biggest way.  Life was as good as it gets.  Those days are made richer by journaling my emotions and the amazing events.

For a daily journal, write down your highs and lows. Make sure to include how you feel, even if it you’re not sure you’re really feeling anything. That’s ok too.

I find that my journal doesn’t have to have complete sentences.  By just adding bullet points it becomes easier.           .

When I read 1 John as a daily assignment I simply pick one verse that sticks out to me and write it down.  That verse will then come back to me every day.

Finally when I pray I write down in bullet points what comes to mind.  I know that God is showing me the things I need to think about and do for the day. For my journal is less about what I am telling God, but rather what He is telling me.

I hope this helps in your journaling this week.  I hope you will bring it back with you to write in this Sunday.

The best is yet to come,

Pastor Dan