Missing Pieces

I just finished putting on some Bushwacker accessories for my FJ cruiser. For those that don’t know, these accessories help protect your vehicle when driving through debris (the sagebrush doesn’t scratch off the vehicle paint).  I thought lon20160921_090041g and hard before I spent the money to add these to my vehicle. Finally, I purchased them on sale. Somebody had returned them and the box was opened, but I would save $100 so I can hardly pass on the deal.

I finally cleared an evening for installing them. I had been reading the instructions because I couldn’t find a YouTube video to teach me. I hate instructions written in the foreign language of engineers. They were poorly printed and blacked out pictures, which meant that this was going to be interesting. I had learned that once the current pieces were removed, it required cutting to make room for the Bushwackers. That is commitment to the product. I began to ask myself if the last purchaser got right up to the point of fenderthe cutting and then chickened out.

I slowly read, worked, and then cut to make room for the new Bushwackers. For the required cut, a box knife was suggested. I didn’t have one, so I tried every other knife I had. The final straw was when I pulled out the power sawzall…it never fails to cut, but you have to be careful not to cut the car in half!  Four hours later I had installed three of the Bushwackers. I was down to the last one, but I discovered a problem: THERE WERE MISSING PIECES.  I now realized I did not have all the screws and nuts necessary for the fourth and final install. Some of the screws were unique to the Bushwacker, meaning I could not replace them without calling the manufacturer.

This week we start a series about family. It is called the Tale of Two Brothers. Everybody is a part of a family. Somebody dreams of getting married, of having a family. They take the plunge and there is no turning back. Eventually they have kids (you are somebody’s dream family). I believe, like the Bushwacker installation, there is a problem that shows up. It is the missing pieces. There are holes in our parenting. There is a basic natural bent for evil in our kids and ourselves that we never expected. Brothers and sisters love each other one moment and want to kill each other the next.  Our marriages have holds that expose our selfishness. We commit to love our spouse, but the love of ourselves sometimes gets in the way. No matter what we do we don’t have the answers. WE ALL HAVE MISSING PIECES.

I called the manufacturer and the parts are now on the way. In the Tale of Two Brothers we go back to the Maker as well, to examine the problem and the solutions for our family. HELP IS ON THE WAY.

I hope you get the book on Sunday and read along.  I hope you join a connect group and take part in the discussion questions. I hope your family will gather and talk about the missing pieces. I hope you will turn to your Maker and find what you are missing.