Protesting Grace

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I am sitting here before the morning events unfold thinking about Grace. Today we will have Mark Driscoll speak for us. I have done my homework. He is a controversial speaker but after talking with his accountability board they said: “There is nothing Mark has done that disqualifies him from ministry”.


I felt compelled in my Spirit at the beginning of this series on Repurpose to invite him. I never intended for it to become a public protest. We did not announce his name. I just know he is in the middle of repurposing his life. Very soon he will move and begin again in another city. He has learned some valuable lessons. He is a changed man. He is ready to talk on the very subject that this series is about.


I now know there will be protesters this morning. “Christians that are taking the time on Sunday morning to protest.” He is not their pastor. He has not committed the unforgiveable sin. They are angry and unforgiving. I wish they would take the time to hold signs that protest the Christians killed in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Nigeria. But, they will focus on Mark. The wonderful world we live in gives us the freedom of speech. Thank God for this freedom of expression.


Today though Gold Creek will be about grace. God’s grace allows us a fresh start. Mark needs that Grace today. We need to give that grace today because everyone of us wants that grace for ourselves. I may receive more than my fair share of criticism for allowing Mark to preach. But I hope, for the person who is watching this play out, that they will see Gold Creek as a place to find Grace for EVERYONE, even the protesters.