Why do people go on vacation?

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Counting the days until you finally get to do what you want…vacation… a break from the norm. Why?

For some, exhaustion has set in and this will be a chance to catch up on rest for the whole year. Your plan is to find a beach and do nothing.

For some, excitement is what you need. You will plan a trip and fill every minute with activity. You will have to come home to get some rest.

For some, family is the reason. Time with your own family, a visit to grandma’s house, or a family road trip with sufficient hardships to make memories is what you need.

For some, stay-at-home vacations are the norm. You plan to do the same thing you always do. For you, life is a vacation where ever you are.

Whatever the reason you take vacation, here are some questions to ponder: Who am I when no one is looking? What regular habit should I continue? What part of vacation can I take into everyday life?

I love vacations! I am the explorer who comes home exhausted, yet filled up from all the memories made. One thing I remember on vacation is the opportunity God always presents. Every vacation it seems that God puts me right next to someone who needs Him. We call them God moments. I am only ready for those moments if I stay in touch with God everyday. My suggestion for you this vacation is to take a break from everything except God. Daily worship Him and weekly find time to worship. We make it easy with our goldcreek app. May God give you the vacation of your dreams!