Why does God allow disaster?

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The headlines are full of disasters recently. In Nepal, the earthquakes have devastated communities. In Texas, the rains that were desperately needed have now flooded their communities. Lives and treasures have been lost. Where is God? Why does He allow this?


The question “Why?” never has a good answer. I don’t ever really try to answer that one. I know there are a lot of theories but I choose to leave the question unanswered. Some day I will understand it completely


The question “Where is God?” is different. I get that question all the time as a way for someone one to claim there is no god. On the contrary, I think these disasters are a way for the world to know there is a God. It rains and storms on the good and the bad. Disasters are not a punishment for our behavior. We believe in grace and none of us get what we actually deserve.


So where is God? If you look closely you will find Him. It is Him in the Christians who rise up and provide the needed relief. It is the Christians who express the love of God through kind acts and prayers. It is the Christians who cry with those who are crying. Disasters remind us that God uses us to show His love and His power to help everyone through their storms. Look around God is right here.


The disasters will keep coming, and God will continue to raise up His followers to meet the needs and inspire others to show God’s love in the midst of the storms.