Why Easter means so much to me

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I was a junior in high school living life in 2 worlds. In one world I had my family and my church. I knew how to act and play the game. I looked really good in that world. I also had a high school world and, in order to keep my popularity, I did whatever it took. I looked very different in that world.
It was Easter spring break that I was invited to join a retreat that I will never forget. I was tired of living a double life. On this retreat I skipped one session and just hiked up the overlooking mountain. I asked God if He was real. I asked Him to meet me on that mountain. I didn’t see anything or hear anything but that day I felt His presence and made a commitment to give my life completely to Him. On that day He filled me with His Spirit and gave me some gifts that I still use in ministry today. I am so thankful for an Easter mountain top experience. I love Easter!
Just 3 years later on Easter I was baptized with Audrey and we committed to give our lives to full time Christian ministry. We have never wavered from that choice. Later, on Easter, I started as a full time youth minister. I was 20 years old and ready for God to use me. I never let my youth keep me from serving God with all my heart. I learned ministry on the job while still in college and I still have some of the greatest friends from our early days of ministry. This Easter will be another year completed serving God. I love Easter!

It was on Easter that Gold Creek was birthed. After 6 months of preparation, ready or not, we started Gold Creek. Our friends and family helped us start the church. Their hard work and dedication was a seed planted that has grown into a great church. On that first Easter morning I remember watching out the window just hoping a few people would come to church. Then I was worried that only a few would come. Finally that day came and there were over 350 people there to worship. It was an amazing miracle of grace from our savior. It was a sign that He wanted a church like Gold Creek to exist. Every Easter is a reminder of the miracle of Gold Creek. I love Easter!
This Easter is like every other Easter. There will be people that make brand new spiritual decisions. They will experience the true meaning of the resurrection of Jesus. He will come alive in their lives. Others will be baptized. The symbol of going under water allowing the old life to pass and coming up out of the water expressing their resurrection to a new life. Easter is all about new beginnings. I love Easter!

A host of other things have happened on Easter for me. For all these reasons, I love Easter!